If you’re not heading to TI 3 in person we’re going to be reporting back for you, but that’s not the only way to enjoy the world’s most incredible e-sports event. On Sunday, August 11th, bars across Canada are hosting Pubstomps: the very best way to enjoy TI3 other than being there.

There are 5 venues currently holding Pubstomps, so let’s take a look.


Vancouver Dota 2 International Pubstomp

EXP Bar in Vancouver

Thrown by UBC eSports and EXP in conjunction with a host of sponsors, this one’s in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Skytrain access is off the Expo/Millenium Line, and there is parking available at Cambie and Pender (please don’t drink and drive.) Doors open at 12PM Noon PDT.

Tickets can be had at EventBrite and are $5 prior to the event ($10 at the door). You can check out the Facebook Page for the event here.

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[Toronto] The Dota 2 International Pubstomp

Cheesewerks, Toronto


eSport Gaming Events is working with ESChamp bringing one of two Toronto-based events to bear on Sunday the 11th. Tickets are $5 at the door, with the promise of prizes to be won. Doors open at 12PM Noon EDT

No advance tickets for this one, but you can check them out on Facebook here.


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Toronto International 3 Pubstomp

Projection Booth Cinema, Toronto


E-Sports Canada has acquired a liquor license for the day and plan to throw a party with raffle prizes from their sponsors. This one may have the advantage for some TO residents as there is NO COVER. It is limited to ages 15 and up. Doors open at 12PM Noon EDT.

Obviously no tickets here, but you’ll find the event on Facebook if you want to learn more.


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Ottawa Pubstomp / BarCraft August 11th at Funhaven!

FunHaven, Ottawa


It’s a combination of Dota 2 and SC2 Regional WCS Finals (nice one, Blizzard…) at FunHaven in Ottawa. Here’s what they have to say about the location:

“For those of you who drive, there is plenty of parking. For those of you bus, it’s a 10 minute walk from the Iris Transitway station. For everyone else, it’s a bit far out but hope to see you there all the same!”

Doors open at 3PM EDT, and a $5 cover nets you $5 worth of FunHaven gaming credit.

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The International at UFV Aftermath

Aftermath in Abbotsford, BC

ESports Valley is throwing this one, and it’s an all ages event. Free admission, and good times will be had by all. Pretty simple!

Check it out on Facebook here.


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