Well folks, it’s been an incredible week as you’ve reached out to your friends and fellow players to help grow the CDL in less than 7 days.  We launched operation B.A.N.F.F. with the promise of two Shagbark couriers as prizes, but we have grave news: we couldn’t stop there. There were several members of the community who reached out to entire squadrons of their friends, bringing them along for the ride. To them we say thank you in a way that truly expresses our appreciation: with free stuff. So here are our winners:

Shagbark Winners, by random selection from the list

  • Sean Clancy
  • Sam Hamer

The incredible Furnace Hud for our number one guy with the most invites

  • Jamie Lafrance

A pair of Elder Huds for notable mentions in invites

  • Josh Kooiman
  • Alex Myronov

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