Welcome to Monday, League. We hope you kicked ass over the weekend, and if you didn’t, we hope you got some sweet Mythical drops.

This update is going to be short and sweet:

CanadianDotaLeague.com is live (you might have noticed, what with being here and all).

We celebrated our 100 likes on Facebook, giving away a rare Furion taunt to a commenter on YouTube.

Our forums are now live, so you can head over to start/continue the conversation there. If you’ve got a team or you’re looking to join a team, that’s a great place to do it!


We saw some cool things happen over the last few days, with the launch of 6.78, and a parity patch at the end of today. Tomorrow brings even more cool stuff, with the launch of our next video: Healing Salves, and a live cast for Titanic Tuesday. You can join us on Twitch.TV – keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for our broadcast time.

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